Back to School with Officeworks

I remember as a child at the end of the school holidays mum would always take us shopping for our ‘back to school’ needs and it was a time that I always loved! It was so exciting to get that brand new pencil case, brand new books, brand new pencils that no one was allowed to touch, well at least for the first couple of weeks at school.

I’m not sure who was more excited to go ‘back to school’ shopping me or Bella, Giselle was super excited anyway as she seems to always get what her big sister has so it was going to be win win for her! Bella’s heading into grade one this year so this year she is able to bring some of her own gear to school plus we needed to set up our home desks.


Our destination for ‘back to school’ shopping was straight into Officeworks the back to school specialists. I knew I would be guaranteed to find everything my girls needed under the one roof. I also wanted them to choose what they wanted to help them be amazing at what they did this year at school and kinder.

Off to a great start with the girls having their own trolleys and of course straight in front of us are the cool new Sharpie fine marker pens that Bella has seen on TV which apparently all the kids have to have, so she says! We got to try before we buy which was lots of fun and the girls choose nearly every colour of course as for them the more colour variety the better for when they are writing and drawing. Lots of colour makes work beautiful and it will be noticed.

Both girls were like kids in a candy store. My girls are definitely right brained/creative minds as everything they ran too or looked at was colour, pink, colour, pink and lots of it. Officeworks really has the store set up in an order making your selections easy for ‘back to school’ shopping.

Little Miss Giselle I think was the most excited. She is starting three year old kinder but to be able to choose all these awesome things for her to be creative, learn to draw, colour in and in her eyes she will be as awesome as her big sister. She was in heaven.

Every kid needs a million sticky notes! Well actually mummy does with this forgetful mind! Bella actually had no idea what they were only that the colours looked like a rainbow.

Decisions, decisions, decisions. It’s a tough job having to choose when you have so much to choose from. Officeworks have such a wide selection giving you the best variety around which is fabulous to have it all under the one roof. They also offer a FREE School List Service which can do the ‘back to school’ shop for you in three easy steps.

Bella had to have pink paper, not plain white as she believes it’s the prettiest paper ever. Pink paper is different and her work will be more fun and better than the work she has done before.

Giselle is pint size but there was no stopping her gathering what she needed to be amazing and scissors are her thing. She spotted every pair out on every shelf. For a three year old she cuts pretty well but with her new scissors she’s going to cut every shape on different coloured paper perfectly.

This took me me back to childhood. I loved having one of these pencil cases as a kid. Did you have one also? The ones that you cut your name out and do it yourself. I was wrapped my girls choose them too, a fun activity we can do together at home.

We have gathered coloured pencils, coloured paper, post it notes, fine coloured markers, pink sticky tape, scissors, desk bin, pencil case plus many more goodies to help us to strive to be the best we can be and produce amazing school work this year.

The service at Officeworks was so fantastic and the cashier let both girls have their own bags both leaving super happy and satisfied with our back to school shopping!

I had previously purchased desks from Officeworks with super cute little pink chairs. For us its important for the girls to have their own work space and they love it too. We are heading home to set up all our ‘back to school’ needs at home and get prepared for our school year to start.

Both girls desks are full of colour, they are happy, organised and ready to ‘let our amazing out’ with our new products to make this year the best it can be!


Thanks Officeworks our ‘back to school’ shopping experience was so much fun and you made it easy for us to enjoy!

What I also discovered about Officeworks;

Officeworks offers a Parents Price Promise until January 31, 2016, which means if you find an identical stocked item on a quoted school list at a lower price, Officeworks will beat it by 20% (terms and conditions apply)
Officeworks’ Online Tech Selector helps parents choose the right tech hardware for their child’s needs
Officeworks offers a free smartphone app, ‘Growing Minds’, to help primary and secondary students ease back into school routine with a series of fun cognitive learning games
In 2016, Officeworks is again supporting The Smith Family by collecting valuable funds for disadvantaged children through the Back to School Appeal
Officeworks is the exclusive stockist of new school supply brand Yoobi – for every item sold, Yoobi will donate an item to a school pack for children in need
Officeworks has 157 stores nationally, longer trading hours and lots of car parking on offer to make your back to school shopping easier.

Enjoy your back to school and hope your child enjoys bringing out their amazing this year to strive to be the best they can.

Sandi x

For more information on Officeworks’ product range and to find a store near you visit

PHOTOGRAPHY: @hailsandshinephotography