Blu Pony Vintage

One thing I love about doing what I do is discovering new labels or being introduced to them. Just about everything vintage inspired I LOVE. As soon as Blu Pony Vintage crossed my path I was intrigued. Not only by the name but the styling and pieces of this label took me back to my childhood and country life.


Blu Pony Vintage is inspired by fashion of the 1920-40′s think smock tops, full skirts, drop waists dresses with layers. Designer Bonnie Matthews launched the line in Pasadena, CA in March 2010. Since then it has gone from strength to strength  with over 100 retailers across the country and internationally.  Blu Pony Vintage caters for both  Girls and Boys styles sizes 2-14, and we are very excited to announce our brand new baby line, Baby Blu Pony (3-18mos.). Blu Pony Vintage  style is classic, sweet and elegant. They pride themselves in using the best quality fabric, the finest lace and natural fabrics. A bonus for us living in Australia when finding International labels as see what is coming up for the seasons ahead.


Looking through this AW collection and previous Blu Pony Vintage collections their styling is on trend. I’m a huge fan of versatility in clothing, the more looks you can achieve with one piece the better. I love being able to put the girls in different shoes, different hats or head pieces to create our own look depending on how we feel.


As you can see we mixed the girls outfits up with Gigi’s Cons, Bella’s Doc Martens and ruffled socks for some fun. Or keeping it simple and pretty with gorgeous leather knee high boots and matching woollen hat. The girls loved wearing beautiful full skirts that they could twirl in and be super comfortable as well.

Blu Pony Vintage is all about creating memories and timeless pieces that can be handed down for generations.

Bella wears The Eve B Berry Plaid top and The Lavinia ad Double Almond circle skirt. Giselle wears Nina B gray dust top and The Grace m.n circle skirt.


Until next time.

Sandi KFB x