Have you seen or heard of Britt Bear? When I gave birth to Bella she was given this flat light pink bear that felt like the softest velvet with only cross stitching as eyes. I had never seen one before but I feel in love with it straight away as did Bella. It was a Britt Bear. When I had Giselle Bella bought a Britt Bear to give to her little sister which melted my heart. In her little words ‘bubba needs to cuddle mumma’.To this day both my girls still sleep with Britt and as worn as they both are I know they are their best friends.

Britt Collinson, the owner and creator of Britt started out by making hand made gifts for friends before creating the Britt Bear which is now loved by many baby and toddlers around the world.


As the popularity of the brand increased so did the range to now having these gorgeous tutu dresses as seen on Bella and Giselle.


I was fortunate to meet Britt earlier this year and she explained to me how she has started an emergency line for Britt Bears where they can be sent to her for any repairs as she knows how precious these little bears become to littlies. It’s like they have this special magic, special connection.


Britt Tutu Dresses are just as soft and gorgeous as Britt Bears. The bodices of the dresses are lined and the tulle is soft as silk. Bella wears ‘Powder Puff Tutu Dress’ and Giselle wears ‘Sparkle Butterfly Tutu Dress’. Bella’s headband is from Wovenplay available from Little Pixie Store, Giselle’s sequin headband is from Mill Moo Designs

Enjoy discovering Britt Bear I’m sure you will love it as much as we do.

Until next time,

Sandi KFB x