Club Med Bali

A family holiday is something we all long for. But holidaying with kids can be very overwhelming. I mean if the kids aren’t happy, you can be assured that you won’t have a good holiday! I am always amongst discussions with parents talking about ‘kid friendly’ resorts. It seems we are all on the same page. I believe experience of a‘kid friendly’ resort ways more than a brochure just saying it.

The girls and I had our first overseas holiday as a family of three! And to be honest, I was so nervous. With my whole being I can say, It was amazing! And when I say amazing it was because of where we stayed and how the girls loved every minute of it. Club Med resorts are a resort I had heard of often but honestly there are so many resorts to choose from, how do you choose? We where given the opportunity to stay at Club Med Bali and we are now there number one fans and I am going to share with you why.

Club Med Bali

Did you know that Club Med is an all inclusive resort? Which means your food, drinks, activities is all covered. No putting your hand in your pocket or a big bill at the end.I didn’t realise, till now experiencing it, how easy and great this was with kids! There are a total of 393 rooms spread across five wings amid 14 hectares of beach front land. The girls and I has so much fun everyday exploring new parts of the resort and surprisingly on doing this you never really saw many people. It was great. Like the whole resort was ours.

Image courtesy of Club Med

With the accommodation the resort offers superior rooms, deluxe rooms or suite. All rooms are clean with traditional Balinese decor which I love. They all have there own balcony to view the gorgeous grounds of the resort.


There are many paths to the rooms and throughout the resort that the girls loved exploring. I could quiet happily let them wonder together without me and I always knew they would be safe.


Throughout the resort and heading down to the beach there are gorgeous day beds that you can relax on and have your own privacy and a bar close to the beach for drinks.

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Club Med GO’s

The GO’s are the staff. They are the ambassadors of Club Med that upholds the company’s values and spirit of the resort. You will find them everywhere. They have a special taste for team work with them also being compassionate, fun and caring. They make it there job to get to know you and your kids and will even sit with you at dinner. You will find they are multi cultural too. Every night there is entertainment on the resort and its the GO’s that perform. Honestly the shows are so good and it didn’t matter how tired my girls were we had to go. The GO’s made Club Med….they are the spirit of Club Med. My girls couldn’t get enough of them.


The Pool

The main pool on the resort was fantastic. It was huge in size and both ends of the pool were a deep both my girls could touch the floor and the deepest part of the pool was in the middle. They had a toddler pool connected by the pool edging but was still separate from the main pool. There are pool lifeguards on duty all day which were so friendly and it felt great to know an extra pair of eyes were watching your children.

Everyday they would hold water aerobics for everyone to join in. It was so much fun. And most days the GO’s would come out for a mini show/song of some sort.

Also there are many lounges around the pool that you were generally guaranteed of scoring one plus daybeds nested back if you wanted a slightly quieter option.

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There is another pool nestled in amongst the palm trees called The Zen pool. Given its name as its an ADULT only pool and its so beautifully quiet and peaceful. So when your kids are having fun in the kids club you can escape kids altogether for some much needed Zen.

The girls were so excited when we found The Zen pool but not too happy when they found out they were not allowed in! Mum was happy though!


The Beach

I’m pretty fussy when it comes to swimming in the ocean and even more so with the girls. I was so impressed with the beach front at Club Med. It was clean and great for the girls to swim in.

I loved that there are scattered little bungalow huts and sheltered day beds on the sand for you to enjoy as well.


The Food

Club Med is an all inclusive resort which was the best, especially with kids! The main dining restaurant called The Agung at Club Med Bali was huge. It had different areas to eat either inside or out and the variety of food was incredible. The restaurant is a buffet style all you can eat. You still have table service and the staff are so beautiful. The restaurant opened for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

There is also a huge cocktail/drink bar called The Kintamani at the end of the pool before you walk onto the beach! This was opened all day….yes all day! The girls loved getting there own juices when they felt like it and I loved that I didn’t have to move! At lunch time the bar also had light finger food hot and cold if you didn’t want to go up to the restaurant which we took advantage of most days. It was so delicious.

Every afternoon the GO’s would walk around the pool handing out ice-creams to everyone or fruit. A great afternoon treat!

There is also The Beach Bar with the best views. So if your on the beach you don’t have to go far to quench your thirst.

Then there is The Deck which is a gorgeous cocktail bar plus a gourmet restaurant. The food here is divive. Mainly seafood and more of an a la carte feel. To eat here they do like you to book.

As a mum travelling with kids I loved that I didn’t have to put my hand in my pocket for money to give the girls and I would love listening to them get excited speaking of what they were going to try this time for their meals!


Kids Club

When on holidays with children a good kids club is win win for everyone! Club Med kids club was by far one of the best kids club I have ever seen.

Firstly the age groups were categorised. Baby Club Med 4-23 months, Petite Club Med 2-3 years, Mini Club Med 4-10 years, Junior Club Med 11-17 years. The actual Club Med Kids Club Room was huge. The space was colourful with an indoor space and outdoor space plus a movie/quiet room. I was so impressed and with the warm friendly energy I knew the girls would enjoy it.

The activities for the kids were indoors and outdoors. Ranging from tennis, soccer, archery, trapeze, water games in the pool, activities down the beach, wind surfing for the older group plus many more. They would also do little performances to do at the night shows. It was so cute. I loved that they would utilise the whole resort and beach area giving the kids something different to enjoy everyday.

All the kids looked so happy and looked forward to kids club everyday! My girls would do full days or half days. I loved the flexibility.



Club Med Bali has a beautiful store on the resort filled with gorgeous gifts, clothes, bathers , jewellery and much more. We also discovered 5 mins walk a long the beach the local markets where you can pick up some great little pieces. If you are after a little more in shopping there is a shopping centre which is a short cab ride down the road from the resort!


And that’s a wrap on our awesome holiday at Club Med Bali. There are so many other locations so jump on the Club Med website to see them all. Honestly with kids its the best family holiday resort!

If you would like to know more ask away! You know where to find me.

Until next time

Sandi X