Daisy & Moose

The first time I saw Daisy & Moose I was in love! Inspired by old school of all things vintage and French. It reminded me of my childhood when my Nonna used to make me simple but pretty dresses and rompers out of beautiful fabrics. The collection is simplistic and modern. The fabrics are soft and pretty. And the range is designed to be inter-matchable which is perfect for layering enabling year-long wear. Daisy & Moose is a collection for boys & girls 0-8 years.  

Rebecca is sole owner & designer of Daisy & Moose plus Mumma to one. Today she took me behind the scenes.

1. What is the story behind Daisy and Moose?

Growing up I had always dreamt of working in the fashion industry but I put my dream on the side line as I knew it was just so difficult to break into the industry. After giving birth to my daughter in 2009 I couldn’t face the thought of returning to my mundane office job after maternity leave so I re- ignited my dream and took a leap of faith and started Daisy & Moose. My goal was to fill the gap in the market of classic european styled childrenswear at an affordable price. Being a mumpreneur from the comfort of my own home with my bub at my side was the perfect balance between work & play and I’ve never looked back!

2. Do you design all your pieces? 

Yes, I personally design all of the clothing and accessories within the range. With childrenswear you have the added fun of being able to be a little more creative and bold with the garments

3.The fabrics you use are so soft and pretty. Is that one of the key cores to you at Daisy and Moose?  

Ultimately it is the fabric itself that makes the garment so choosing the right fabric for each piece is the most important part. As a mum myself I know that I am always on the look out for comfortable & pretty clothes for my little girl that arent daggy which usually comes down to the fabric itself

4. What’s one piece if advise you would give to any Mumma wanting start a business? 

Just go with it! You’ll never know whether your idea will be a success until you try it out however always remember that first and foremost you’re a Mum which is the most important job of all!

Congratulations  Rebecca on such a gorgeous little label and thank you so much for making my girls look so cute!