Skin Type : Rosacea

As you may be aware I have Rosacea! A lot of people may not know what that is but those who do know, can relate to how much it effects your skin and how much harder it is to deal with. Rosacea is a well-recognised, although frequently untreated, chronic skin condition presenting primarily as redness of the central facial skin, broken capillaries, and (in more advanced cases) the formation of acne. Mine is on my nose heading down to my cheeks. The cause of Rosacea is unknown but most likely to occur between the ages of 30-50. I remember exactly when mine started I was 33yr and I believe it was when I was then using a solarium for my girlfriends up coming wedding. I never used to put my face under the lights but one day I did and that was it! Previous to this my skin was perfect.

So many people go with their skin being untreated which I did for many years but as time goes on Rosacea is know to get worse with age. In July 2015 I headed into Clinica-Lase in Melbourne where the lovely Krystal did a complete diagnosis on my skin and she started me on a treatment programme in salon and at home.

This is before and after my first treatment at Clinica-Lase. 

This is before and after my first treatment at Clinica-Lase. 

Here are the treatments the girls perform on my skin. They perform a fresh analysis each month that I go in, which then they chose the appropriate treatment needed. 


Oxygen Infusion Facial with LED

Oxygen Facial- A rejuvenating facial treatment which is ideal for all skin types to give instant, visible results. It uses topical hyberbaric oxygen technology to infuse a serum containing 3 different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid to penetrate deep within the skin layers, as well as acting as a delivery system for Vitamins A, C, E and Green tea and Aloe Vera to help fight free radical damage. Great to heal, soothe and strengthen a Rosacea skin type.

LED- Non invasive light therapy. LED- Light emitting Diode). The LED emits specific wavelengths that travels into the skin and stimulate and activate cellular processes in the skin. For Roscea skin types we emit a light stimulates collagen production thereby strengthening a Rosacea skin. Great for soothing irritated Rosacea skin to reduce redness.

CosMedix Benefit Peel vitamin A Peel - Antioxidant Peel which delivers a blend of nourishing ingredients into the skin layers without excessive peels. Great for Hypersensitive, aging. Gentle enough to use on sensitised Rosacea skin while delivering ingredients that are going to strengthen and boost skin.

LED followed by Societe Lactic Peel

Societe Lactic Peel - A Peel that combines Lactic and Malic Alpha Hydroxly Acides with Beta Glucan and potent antioxidants, the Acai Berry Lactic Glucan peel accelerates the removal of the top layer of skin and produces a younger, more vibrant looking skin.

Great for a Rosacea skin as it has anti inflammatory properties to soothe irritated Rosacea skin. Furthermore it rehydrates, decongests clogged pores that may be present and strengthens the skin.

This image was after missing 5 months of treatments.

This image was after missing 5 months of treatments.

So many factors flare up Rosacea that I had read about and only from my experience I can say these factors do make it worse. Just from being busy and over the Christmas break I wasn't having my monthly in salon treatments I noticed how bad my Rosacea had become. Stress plays a big part plus coffee and hot water. I drink black coffee every morning and out of habit I cleanse my face in the shower every morning under hot water to. In the last couple of months I'm back to my monthly treatments; in the last week I've given up coffee and I now cleanse before my shower. I have to say my skin is looking the best it ever has. 


CosMedix Purity Solution- Oil based that cleanser that gentle removes away excess oil, dirt, makeup, sunscreens and environmental impurities without stripping your skin of vital moisture. Purity solution immerses your skin in a nourishing fusion of antioxidant- rich Argan, Moringa and olive oiland Melia Azandirachta.

Great for a Rosacea skin as it is very gentle so doesn’t irritate the skin or disrupt the protective barrier but still gives the skin a thorough clean.

CosMedix C.P.R Recovery Serum (Calm, Protect, Restore)- A powerful recovery serum that delivers a concentrated blend of vitamins and antioxidants and soothing properties designed to quickly correct the appearance of redness and revive an irritated skin. Applied to the skin AM and PM after cleansing.

Great for Rosacea skin to bring down redness and irritation and to strengthen the skins barrier.

CosMedix Emulsion- is a soothing moisturiser designed to provide lasting hydration that helps prevent irritation. Applied AM and Pm after CPR recovery.

Great for Rosacea skin to soothe and protect from environmental irritants throughout the day.

To anyone that has Rosacea I know how embarrassing/annoying it can feel with a constant flushed face. My advice if you can get to a good clinic to have monthly or by monthly treatments plus look at the products you use and your lifestyle it can all really make a difference and its never too late.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to comment below or call the girls at either on their website or call 1300 513 913 they would be more than happy to help you out.

Enjoy till next time! 

Sandi x