Everyday Essentials at Target

Until becoming a Mumma a had no idea how many of everyday essentials you would need and go through! When you are preparing for bubbs arrival their are many lists around giving you a guide of how many singlets you will need, rompers, socks, wraps to name a few. I was certainly overwhelmed! Then as your precious little one grows it continues into underwear, sleepwear, leggings, tee’s and not just one or two but a handful or more. Not only was I concerned for the amount but the expense it would possible cost us! Target is defiantly one of my favourites for everyday essentials! Not only do they last well but the prices are fantastic. To make things even better Target have lowered their prices on the kids apparel ranges, for good. Still their amazing quality, style and colours available at ‘everyday low prices’. Seriously you couldn’t ask for more! Printed tee’s at $5, leggings at $5 or $7, plain tee’s at $3, cool pieces like shorts or dresses at $10-$15. We had fun shopping for some essential pieces and mixing them up cool spring styles! I loved to be able to style my girls at such great prices!

Bella in her essential white leggings $5, essential white tee $3 and canvas sneaker $10. Giselle in babywear essential tee $5, babywear essential pant $5 and canvas sneaker $10.

Bella is wearing essential white tee $3, girls sista pant $20 and canvas sneaker $10. Giselle is wearing babywear essential tee $5, babywear trackpant denim $15 and canvas sneaker $10. Bella is wearing girls print tee $12, basic plain white legging $5 and canvas sneaker $10.

Bella is wearing printed essential tee $5, girls skort $15 (shorts that look like a skirt) and canvas sneaker $10. Giselle is wearing babygirl ss dress $10, babygirl essential legging $4 and canvas sneaker $10.


‘Everyday Low Prices’ at Target is across the whole store for everyone!

Happy shopping at Target.


Sandi KFB xx