Girls love footy too!

Bella and Giselle are girlie girls but they love the outdoors and they love playing footy with their dad. When I first moved to Victoria I could not believe how big Australian Rules was. I am a New South Wales girl and rugby league is huge there but once coming here I was shocked. Victorian’s live and breathe their footy but its the girls that shocked me the most! Girls love footy too!


The Sherrin brand is all about being active, team spirit and the obvious Aussie Rules! They have bought out a collection of ‘Sesame Street’ footballs to help encourage kids to head outdoors. My girls were super excited to receive their own footies and more so that they have on them characters they love like Elmo and Big Bird. I remember as a kid loving Sesame Street and even though Bella and Giselle don’t watch Sesame Street a lot they still knew the characters and couldn’t wait to get out and kick the footy.


Coming into Autumn Winter the weather gets so cold and miserable that it is easy just to stay indoors. I think it is so important to encourage children to play outdoors even in the cooler weather. Rug them up in their puffer jackets and beanies and off you go. One thing I do know is that kids don’t seem to feel the cold as much as we do.


I mean seriously how cute are these footies? These two did not let go of them all afternoon even whilst discussing their play! Sherrin ‘Sesame Street’ collection footballs would make a super gift for any boy or girl at $24.99 rrp . If we all encourage our kids from a younger age to spend more time outdoors it can only benefit their health, team spirit, being active and of course loving football!

I hope your team wins this year!

Until next time

Sandi KFB x