Little edge apparel

New kids on the block is Little EDGE Apparel and what a mark they are leaving! Little EDGE Apparel is comfortable, cool and funky. It’s simplistic yet unique and funky with style. The fabrics used are soft and easy wearing and too top of this fun edgy label is it’s unisex! I love coming across these cool new funky kids labels that are born from wonderful mums that find so much inspiration from their children. And I get inspired even more by them juggling all these eggs in one basket; business, children, household, partner and everything else in between. The beautiful Mumma behind Little Edge Apparel is Kate and she took me into her little world!

1. When did you start Little Edge Apparel?

We actually just recently had our first Birthday!! So Little Edge has been live for a year but there was a lot of work put into before we launched like any new business.

2. What’s your style?

I like to think that Little Edge is an on-trend brand so we don’t have a particular style as it can change from season to season reflecting fashion at the present time. Although I would say most of our pieces have a bit of an edgy look to them – hence the name!

3. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Everywhere! My son inspires me in lots of ways. He was my inspiration to start the brand in the first place. For designing my pieces, I’m always looking around at what’s on trend and turning it into something funky and comfy for our little people. I love fashion and all things to do with it , so I think when you have a passion for something your always looking and thinking what to do next!

4. How do you juggle your family life and business?

Ahhh.. that’s a tough one! My son goes to daycare 2 days a week, so those days are my main work days where I get a lot of jobs done. There’s a lot of long nights once my son is in bed too! Although its so tough when you run your own business to not feel guilty about something and there’s always things to do! I think the key is prioritising.

5. What’s your dream/goal for Little Edge Apparel?

I just want to see more and more kids getting around in Little Edge! I love being at the park and seeing a gorgeous kid running around in something I’ve designed – its pretty surreal.

Thank you Kate and Little Edge Apparel for adding fun to our world. My girls certainly love your pieces and we hope you all do too!