Natural Beauty with NACIDO

One of the fresh new labels I came across at Kids InStyle was NACIDO! I have an absolute love for the beach, vintage inspired pieces and anything crocheted remind me of my childhood! My Nonna would make me crocheted poncho’s, dresses and blankets that I loved and to this day still remember and warms my heart.

As soon as I saw NACIDO I was drawn to it and in love! It was those pieces my Nonna knitted that I saw. The cute dresses, gorgeous poncho’s, sweet blankets and more. Matt and Bel the creators of NACIDO both have a warm and relaxed beachy feel to them that reflects on NACIDO.

The NACIDO range is not only crochet pieces it also consists of  fabulous tie-dyed harems, maxi dresses and skirts. The range is designed for women, girls, boys and babies.


We explored natural beauty at a gorgeous place in the bush and also headed to the beach in our NACIDO. 

Enjoy discovering NACIDO as much as we did!


Until next time,

Sandi KFB x