Sha De:Fun in the Sun

Summer is just around the corner and today Melbourne gave us a beautiful taste of it with the sun shining bright! Summer is defiantly my favourite season and I remember as a teenager spending many days laying in the sun to get a tan. Well today its a different story! I am lucky to have olive skin which doesn’t burn to easily but I still have noticed the difference in the sun. The sun rays here in Australia are a lot harsher than they used too be! Melanoma is a leading cause of death in Australia. It is important to protect your kids from sun damage simply because one blistering sunburn as a child more than doubles a person’s chances of developing melanoma later. It is not just at the beach that children are exposed to harsh sun rays its also in the park, at the playground, really whenever they are outside. And it is up to us to protect our child’s skin when they are young as best as we can.


Sha De  has launched a kids range which is made from their own signature fabric LuxeBamboo. Developed here in Melbourne LuxeBamboo is super soft and provides high UPF protection. LuxeBamboo is made from Bamboo with a hint of Lycra® for added stretch, a better fit and greater comfort. Sha De  kids range is on-trend, great fitting in fun colours that the kids will love. The range has cool little finishing touches to them like heel cut-outs so the fabric covers the top of the foot and thumb cut-outs to cover the top of your hands. The range covers boys and girls which consists of pieces that you can layer up or mix up.


Sha-de clothes actually block between 93.5 percent and 99 percent of UV rays from reaching the skin! This is a fabulous result and as parents we know are kids skin is safe whist being outdoors. LuxeBamboo being a natural fabric breathes well and keeps you cool when its warm and warm when its not.


We where introduced earlier on to Sha De  kids range with Bella taking part in their shoot which was lots of fun. We had some Fun in the Sun today in our gorgeousSha De  pieces which Bella loves wearing.


The on-line store is take a look not only for the kids range but the Mumma’s range is cool too!

Until next time remember to have Fun in the Sun safely!

Sandi KDB x