Spring Girls Style for Target

Spring is in the air! Well not here where I am living, it’s still very cold, but it is just around the corner and Spring styles are defiantly hitting the stores. One thing I have learnt is if you don’t shop early you can miss out on some fabulous styles even if it is still too cold to wear them. I love Spring styling for adding shirts over short sleeves, leggings under dresses and taking your pieces through to summer. At Target this week I had so much fun gathering some fabulous pieces for my girls, not only that I love but they adore! Adored so much that my girls will be doing a bit of twinning this Spring!

Here are a few of my favourite pieces that I think should be added to any girls wardrobe this Spring.

Giselle is wearing ‘girls bird harem pants’ $15, ‘girls chambray shirt’ $18 and ‘canvas casuals’ $10. How fabulous are the colours in these pants? Any colour singlet, t-shirt or long tee can be worn with these and that ‘chambray shirt’ is a must! It is light weight, the sleeves roll up and it is long enough to tie, leave out or tuck it in.

Bella is wearing  ’girls dungaree tutu skirt’ $22, ‘girls feather tee’ $12 and ‘canvas casuals’ $10. Any little girl is going to love the ‘dungaree tutu skirt’ it is Bella’s favourite piece and the ‘feather tee’ has the best colours in it to style up with anything.

Bella is wearing ‘girls playsuit’ $20, ‘girls chambray shirt’ $18 and ‘canvas casuals’ $10. I love a jumpsuit and this super cute one has buttons up the front with two ruffles on the shoulders. Add this cute ‘chambray shirt’ for tran seasonal wear.

Giselle is wearing ‘girls dungaree tutu skirt’ $22, ‘baby pink long sleeve tee’ $10, ‘girls leggings’ $6 and ‘canvas casuals’ $10. One of our twinning pieces for Spring is the ‘dungaree tutu skirt’ a great tran seasonal piece. The colours and print in these leggings are a must!

Don’t forget to get in early to Target so you don’t miss out on these cool pieces as I’m sure they won’t last long!


Happy Spring shopping till next time!

Sandi KFB X