Tutu’s and Tiara’s

I honestly didn’t realize how much little girls would love tutu’s and tiaras. Having my girls later in life it had been a while since I had even looked at these pieces. I as a girl loved dancing and being a princess but as I got older my style changed. I now think girls are born knowing they will wear tutu’s and tiaras.I mean they are on all ballerinas, all fairies and all princesses, so it was bound to happen. And I must say I’m glad. It is so sweet watching my girls put a tutu skirt on top of whatever they have at the time just to dance like a ballerina. In saying that the tutu and tiara or headpiece or crown is so fashionable for any little girl to wear at any time. And how lucky are we too have such a variety in design and prices. So really the fairytale, the ballerina or the princess can be your little girl any time she likes and look fabulous!