Valentines Day! You are either super romantic at heart and love it or you are one that thinks its a money making day. It is a day divided by many.

I mean when you are younger, especially a girl, it was that one day that you just had to get something. The anticipation all day of being the girl at school or at work to receive that something special. As I got older it was still really nice to receive a beautiful gift or to do something special on Valentines Day but I have to say I am that person that also thinks it just should happen any time not just on Valentines Day.

One of my dear friends Carla, Styling The Tribe, little man Tomasi and Giselle have this super cute little friendship from when they meet a few years ago. It was time we had a catch up and bubba chino so we headed into a cool new local cafe Mister Hoffmans for their little Valentines Day outing. I will let the gorgeous pics tell the story.

Not only is Tomasi handsome he is so charming and these two had such a fab morning! Both looking smashing in NEW AW  from our friends Sudo kids.


 Bubba chino’s headed into outfit changes for lunch!

We hope you have a beautiful Valentines Day doing something you love with one or many special people in your life!

Happy Valentines Day!

Love Sandi xx

IMAGES Lisa Frieling